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18th ESRA Winter Week Conference

Tapahtuma alkaa: 14.1.2024
Tapahtuma päättyy: 19.1.2024

Längenfeld, Itävalta

Järjestäjä: ESRA (The European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy)

In the Winterweek a combination of lectures, practical sessions and stimulating discussions is provided by experts in the field of Regional Anaesthesia and Acute and Chronic Pain management.

The venue of the congress allows also discussions and professional interaction outside the Congress during active sports and leisure and contributes to the open and relaxing atmosphere of this conference.

The lectures are state of the art lectures of new developments and knowledge in regional anaesthesia and pain management.

The workshops provide practical knowledge and skills which can be directly applied in daily practice. New developments relating not only to regional anaesthesia, but which may also be applied in other fields of anaesthesia are also discussed and taught.

18th ESRA Winter Week Conference – ESRA (